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Our services


Manufacture of furniture for every area of your home

We undertake the construction of furniture for your bathroom, bedroom, living room and other areas after your order and instructions.


Wardrobe Construction

We undertake the design and construction of a wardrobe for each room of your home.


Kitchen construction

We undertake the study, design and construction of your kitchen.

AIR bnb

Rental Room equipment

We undertake the furniture and equipment of your rental rooms.


Advertising stands

We undertake the study, design, construction and installation of your advertising stands and exhibition stands.

Εξοπλισμός καταστημάτων


 stores equipment

We undertake the design and equipment of your store.

About us

The company started in the year 1927 and counts 3 generations. It is a family business that passionately continues the tradition in wood. With many years of experience, the services we offer range from the smallest construction to the technical support of events of large companies. Over time we have evolved in the use and training of new type of technology (CNC), we have added technical and construction innovations always with respect and understanding to customer requirements.
Through our collaboration with renowned architects and decorators, we undertake the study of the space to provide the best possible usability and design options.
The quality of our work has been entrusted by large multinational companies of pharmaceutical, advertising character as well as commercial stores and stores of health interest.
our services
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